Photographed at Central Foods, Spokane, WA

Photographed at Boots Bakery & Pistole, Spokane, WA

Photographed at Avenida Apartments, Spokane, WA

Photographed outside The Madison Apartments & The Shop, Spokane, WA

Photographed in an alley downtown Spokane, WA

2014 Portrait of an Ambassador

The Portrait of an Ambassador is the main feature of the People to People Ambassador Programs' annual print magazine. Each year the spread features outstanding students who have traveled on a Student Ambassador Program. This was the third-annual Portrait of an Ambassador spread and the first time the photo shoot happened outside of a studio. The goal was to show the students "out in the world" drawing from Student Ambassador's tagline "get ready for the world". I was in-charge of art-directing the photo shoot and magazine spread.

Creative Director: Jeanne Ryan

Co-Photographer: Marilyn Bianchi Payne

Deliverables included:

  • Photo shoot: planning, directing, styling, (co-photography)
  • Magazine spread: layout, design