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When I was little, I remember repeatedly getting in trouble
for coloring too loudly at church.

Maybe I should have known at that point, that I had a creative profession in my future, but it was actually many years of doodling, creating collages, hand-lettering, event design and blowing the pants off PowerPoint presentations before I decided to get serious by pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with the Visual Communications Design class of 2011. During the summer before my senior year at EWU, I worked as a Graphic Design and Social Media Coordinator intern at the educational student travel company, People to People Ambassador Programs. The internship led to a full-time position as a designer within their Marketing department, where I gained nearly 5 years of valuable work experience. There, I built on my experience as a print and digital designer, while also honing in on my communication, photography, illustration and art direction skills.

I am currently working, full-time, as the sole Graphic Designer for the Spokane County Library District, while also pursuing freelance opportunities in my spare time. As a freelancer, I have worked for clients on their brand identities (this includes logos), event posters/invitations, album artwork design, as well as, photography and custom screen printing services.

I love to learn new things to add to my skill set and am not afraid to volunteer for a new challenge. I really get into team brainstorming sessions, but also love to work independently, grooving to my ever-changing playlists.

When I'm not gathering inspiration from design, travel and home-interior websites, blogs and magazines, I love to explore new places, laugh with friends and family, doodle with my Sharpies, screen print, go to concerts and sporting events and drink coffee … lots and lots of coffee.

-Amanda Flanery, Marketing & Communication Creative